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I attended Roman Catholic schools for 12 years staffed primarily by sisters of the Dominican Order, tough customers in the classroom.

Even today, I feel a compulsion to cross the street if I see any nun approaching for fear my ear will get twisted — or worse.

But if Sister Sue Kintzele approached, I would extend the warmest greeting.


Last year, I served on a committee that chose — among some 25 nominations — to recognize a team of reporters who provided extensive coverage of problems within the Milwaukee Police Department. The impetus for the series of stories was an incident involving the death of a man while in police custody and the failure by police to get the man proper medical treatment following his arrest.

This year I judged the contest again, which drew a similar number of nominations. And seven of them featured reporting focusing on police corruption, including use of excessive force.


Most of the attention focused on the fall election cycle centers on congressional races. But in some 33 states, judicial elections — from the local level to the Supreme Court — might have just as much impact.

The debate about whether judges should stand for election or get appointed continues — and seems to becoming more complicated.