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The U.S. Senate established Constitution Week more than 50 years ago and designated Sept. 17 as Constitution Day to kick off the week-long celebration.

Despite numerous calls to change it, the U.S. Constitution remains a relatively simple charter between the people and the government with few changes enacted through the years.

It contains only 17 amendments since the Bill of Rights was approved, and two of those were a wash, prohibition and undoing it, making the real total 15.


Plenty of people await the Wednesday night address by President Barack Obama on how he plans to deal with the empowered and powerful Islamic State.

But the “awaiting” involves a lot of reasons.

The political stakes are high for congressional types seeking re-election.


A column I read on Sunday made a case for resurgence of unions in the United States.

The columnist was long on passion and history, but he came up short in defending his premise.