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Something called “Kill Switch” legislation might be headed to a state near you, and it already arrived if you live in Minnesota or California.

It involves our constant companions — cell phones — and lawmakers say giving the government power to use it is in your best interest.

Maybe and maybe not.

Several types of phone “kill switches” exist, one that permanently shuts down the phone and the other a less severe “disabling” version.


Pew Research Center data shows that the trend to seek information that makes us comfortable continues — rather than information that might alter existing opinions.

That falls in line with a lot of research done in the past several years.

But adding to that is the development of social media and its growing influence.

Social media such as Twitter and Facebook now serve as the collective voice. And Pew Center research shows that it often muffles and muzzles alternative opinions in the political realm, a debate buzz kill.


It almost seems like a competition between the government and hackers as to which can find out more about what we do and how we do it.

The intersection of this observation comes with the news that hackers gained access to some 500 million personal financial records and the U.S. Supreme Court plans to hear a case involving warrantless requests for registration lists at hotels in California.