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It almost seems like a competition between the government and hackers as to which can find out more about what we do and how we do it.

The intersection of this observation comes with the news that hackers gained access to some 500 million personal financial records and the U.S. Supreme Court plans to hear a case involving warrantless requests for registration lists at hotels in California.


When I first read a story about Houston officials issuing a subpoena for the sermons and some correspondence of five ministers in the city, I mumbled, “What were they thinking?”

It appears I was not the only one landing on that spot.

The controversial subpoena serves as a byproduct of the city’s efforts to protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender residents through the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.

Ordinance No. 2014-530 passed on 11-6 roll call vote in June.


If I am like most Americans, the spread of the Ebola virus seemed like the least of my worries when it came to my health.

How could it make its way to Bowling Green, Ky.? And if by some long shot it did, how could I come in contact with it?

My attitude about that changed when I started grasping at the straws of fear.