A recent Pew Research Center for the People & the Press study shows 28 percent of Americans surveyed are following the struggling economy in the media compared with 12 percent who said they were doing the same with the congressional election coverage. With the worst recession—or depression, some say—in decades, Democrats, Republicans, and the Tea Party movement attribute current economic woes to the “other” party.

Here are some of the complaints registered about the dismal economy:

  • Democrats criticize eight years of President George W. Bush’s policies and tax cuts;
  • Republicans blame President Barack Obama’s stimulus plan and auto industry bailouts;
  • Tea Party candidates disapprove of the high taxes and the huge national debt.

If you go to the polls November 2, will your pocketbook influence your vote?

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Will my "pocketbook influence my vote"? I suppose my pocketbook will have some influence., but my first priority is to elect representatives who will recognize that the US Constitution, along with the classic liberal stance that an individual should be free to make his/her own decisions, have been abandoned by most politicians. In particular the huge majority of Democrats and president Obama. I am convinced that turning around the idea that we are, first, a "community" and, second, a "category", and, third, a "race", etc., and only lastly an individual, will eventually help my "pocketbook".


Unemployment numbers for American workers continue to rise with more than 462,000 claims filed last week. Bank of America announced that it will start processing foreclosure paperwork again which means more people will be evicted from their homes. Other banks will likely do the same after they halted the process to determine if some homeowners were unfairly evicted. Gas prices are going up and a gallon of milk costs $3.50. With people out of work and costs rising for gas, electricity, food, clothing, and medicine, it seems pretty bleak. Why hasn’t the president done something yet to correct this?

President Obama has only been in office for less than 2 years. He’s facing a massive clean up of 8 years of bad policy decisions. Too many people expected Obama to be a miracle worker and fix things immediately. He’ll get there and things will get better. It takes time do to things right after so many years of doing things wrong.


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