The Republicans’ “Pledge to America” is a list of proposed changes and promises to fix Congress. The G.O.P. pledge, sounding much like the Declaration of Independence, covers health care reform, spending, taxes, national security, and jobs creation. The official website of the pledge,, says “America is more than a country…it’s an idea.” The principles the Republican Congressional leadership advance, 21 pages worth, are admirable, but can they work? Tell us whether you will vote for your senator or representative on the basis of the Pledge to America, and why.


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In short, it would be absolutely irresponsible to vote for any candidate solely on the basis of a statement made by the political party to which they belong.


In truth I believe the greed and corruption of individuals in both parties have led the US to where we are now. Do I think the GOP's pledge will work? No. It is not explicit enough on what it wants to change and how to do it. I, for the most part am conservative, but not pro business. I think that both the Unions and big business have utterly forgotten the worker. I believe the President means well with his policies but the U.S. by its very constitution can not impose such drastic changes. Constitutionally I believe the government needs to regulate business but not own it.

Let individuals, business and institutions fail. Don't lower the standards of schools and classrooms just so a few students can pass. Raise their standards, force them to stay after class or get out of school and go to work. Abolish all entitlements except for the elderly and physically/mentally challenged. Everyone else can work. If they don't like their situation, learn to do better. Abolish social security. It's not the government's responsibility to save up for YOUR retirement. Even though I'm not making much and only have a little saved up (38 years old, $24,000 saved...been saving for 15 years). I expect to work until I get to retirement age, and then keep working. I won't have a lot but it will be enough for a meager living. It's not the government's job to support me.

I think HONEST, strict conservatism is the only hope for this country. Tough love, tendered with mercy for those who TRULY need it and a balanced concern for business and the worker is the only way this country will thrive again. That and a healthy dose of patriotism.


I have been paying into Social Security since my very first job in 1965. How do you figure that this is a handout, and that someone else is paying for my retirement?


To clarify I don't believe the government should be invovled in retirement period...meaning they should never have taken out social security. I would LOVE to see the gov't. give everything that anyone has ever paid into it, back to them. For those who are social security now or nearing that age then they should be paid some or all of their benefits but the goal would be to ween the people off of it. 65+ yrs old would get full benefits, 50-65 would get 75%, 40-50 would get 40% and it would be cut off for anyone 30 and under.
i've paid into it for 27 years, but not as long as you have. I'm not excpecting to have it around when I get older. I've accepted that fact that I'll probably work even when I'm at that age. My children and future grandchildren's generation should not have to pay for me and my retirement is all that I'm saying. Thanks for the discussion though. I do like hearing all sides of an issue.


Certain political groups have apparently forgotten who is reponsible for the disasterous state this country is in. It did not happen over night or as the result of one administration. It has taken decades to reach the current situation. Both Democrate and Republican administrations must accept responsiblity. However, it is my opinion the last Bush administration contributed greatly to the financial downfall of this country. While Republican leaders were in control what did they fix? Nothing! Only more greed and power hungry shark action. Any Republican, Democrate or Tea Party candidate taking the pledge, in my opinion, only confirms they want more of what the Bush years gave to the American people.

The current administration has made some progress, however, they have only had two years to attempt to correct decades of political abuses. And they have had to fight the Republicans every step of the way for the progress that has been made. Given a chance, and the support of the American people, the current administration can accomplish much toward this country's recovery.


I agree the Obama administration needs time to correct years of political missteps. The Republic pledge takes us back to the early Bush years and the economic hole we're in now will just get deeper.


"The Pledge to America" is a GOP gimmick in the tradition of Newt Gingrich's "Contract With America." If any of the candidates in my congressional race said they were taking the pledge it certainly would influence my ballot. I'd vote against them.

Otherwise, 21 pages of amorphous principles notwithstanding, I'm more interested in what the candidates intend to do, exactly, for the district.


The Republicans solicited their constituency via a website, looking for issues that mattered most to America. In the top two issues was the outsourcing of American jobs....this wasn't even mentioned in their "Pledge". Why? Simple. With the Republicans and most Democrats...what industry wants, industry gets, no matter how it affects the country.

They will be the first to wave the flag, though. Most all other countries provide their workers with protections that Americans don't have. So, when it comes to outsourcing, there is no level playing field.

James Madison warned against this sort of thing.


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