The battle for health-care reform was lengthy, and had ill effects among some members of the body politic. President Obama, backed by Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, this year passed a health-care law that promises affordable care and tax credits, and an end to denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions. Republicans vow to "Repeal and Replace" it if they capture the House and Senate this November. Piece by piece, they would repeal provisions of the law and delay its implementation. Whether we have a Democrat- or Republican-controlled Congress, the health issue will likely keep temperatures rising.

Does all this talk about health-care reform make you queasy? Will it factor in your November vote?

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There is no such thing as a free lunch. Similarly for health care. Inevitably if government supplies health care or health insurance, it will be rationed. In fact, under Medicare it already is. Dental care is not paid for. Why not? Because the political decision was made not to include it. How many millions of seniors are paying for their own dentures because such care is rationed? Does anyone actually believe that there will not be further rationing as health care gravitates further into a government entitlement?


"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them," a man once said this, a man ahead of his time, Thomas Jefferson. Does this principle still not hold true, even in these times? I am all for assistance, but not complete and total giving. In reality, it is immoral to pass our debts on to future generations. As usual, the "Leaders," made decisions without looking and discriminating consequences. We are all now forced with this, unless something is done. Remember, Congress, does not have to adhere to our form of healthcare. Also, when the theory of this administrations' inheritance of "bad policies" from the previous administration concerning spending, let us not forget what happened in 2006. Who controls the budget, the President, or Congress? That is right the Liberals took over in 2006. Getting back to healthcare, this is another way of trying to force Socialism down a capitalistic countrys' throat. It doesn't work, in no shape form or fashion. I am only 27 years old, haven't lived as long as most, but longer than others; however, I have seen the deterioration of what our Founders put forth as the Great American Experiment.

As quoted from Alexander Hamilton, a Liberal in his own right and day, "A dangerous ambition more often lurks behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of the people..." Ask yourself one question, above all others when determining your stance on Government Healthcare, when has our government been able to run an industry properly without bankrupting it? Cash for Clunkers, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security? Why can we not decide for ourselves how to invest our money for our retirement? Why must we need a government to handle our money for us, excuse me China's money.


The health care reform is too expensive for us. Federal workers will see a 7.2 percent increase next year in their insurance. That's an out of pocket expense. Small business owners will be tasked with finding ways to pay for the new plan which means layoffs or pay cuts for their workers. The democrats made a plan with no thought as to how we would pay for it.


I’m not queasy, I’m scared silly! All Americans deserve adequate health care and many are not getting it. I have been out of work twice in my life and there were no health care options for me that I could afford because I didn’t have a job. Luckily both times I found employment with 2-3 months, but for those months without a job, I didn’t have health insurance. I worried constantly about me getting sick or being involved in an accident that required medical attention.

As a single mother, I worried about my children, too. When my daughter was laid off from her job, her unemployment health insurance cost twice what it normally would cost because she had a “pre-existing condition.” She has asthma. Because of that, she paid $480 a month until she found another job. In the current economic times, it’s been hard to find employment if you’re laid off. Her pre-existing condition of asthma won’t be held against her under the new plan.

Because of this, I’m in full support of the Obama health care reform. No one today can afford NOT to have health insurance and this new law will help thousands of people who are doing without.


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