Arizona’s immigration laws sparked international controversy by requiring police to collect proof of citizenship from suspected undocumented immigrants. The state lost convention business and sports organizers pulled events to protest what many believe is a policy that will lead to racial profiling.

Arizona faced backlash, for sure, but displeasure with national immigration reform appears widespread, too. Washington says immigration should be handled at the federal and not the state level. Critics say that the federal government isn’t moving fast enough on the issue. Two weeks ago, Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) introduced The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2010. The bill “proposes to reform border, interior, and worksite enforcement policy, and includes a legalization program with mechanisms to account for future immigration flows.”

Are your candidates talking about immigration reform? Will the immigration debate influence your midterm election vote? Or, is the immigration issue just too big to tackle? Speak out here.


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Immigration is a strong issue here in Florida. Our leading candidate for the US senate is Hispanic and supports tightening the rules on immigration. He opposes the US Justice Dept.'s suit against Arizona. I will vote for him. The US does need to be able to secure its borders. "Undocumented" aliens are, by definition, illegal. Simply ignoring illegality is no solution to anything. It may take a complex set of new laws to rid the US of illegal aliens, but it is a necessary task.


Immigration won't affect the elections in my state -- at least that's my hope -- but will affect our future productivity. I live in a state with substantial immigrant and 2nd-generation populations. If we don't take action to ensure that our Latino population receives an equal education (and this includes college access for undocumented youth who have lived here most of their lives and graduated from high school in the U.S.), then we run the risk of falling behind in every economic measure.


Immigration isn't a concern to me for state elections because I think it should be a federal issue. I live in a state far...hasn't decided to "profile" people. I believe that undocumented workers should have the chance to apply for citizenship just like any other person would. My concern is that there appears to be a growing fear from some people that illegal workers will take over "American's" jobs. I don't see that happening.


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