The Idea of America - Citizens Edition

Colonial Williamsburg’s The Idea of AmericaCitizens Edition is a web-based, interactive learning experience that brings American history to life and invites participants to look at history in a new way—through the lens of key American values.

The Idea of AmericaCitizens Edition presents an original framework that views America as an enduring debate among four sets of values: unity and diversity, freedom and equality, private wealth and common wealth, and law and ethics. Sixty-five case studies use the stories of American history—from pre-contact to present day—to show how individual citizens and citizen groups engaged in this debate to shape the republic for their time.

Opinion questions at the end of each case study invite participants to visit iCitizenForum and discuss topics that are relevant today—to help decide how to shape the course of the republic for our time and for the future.

The 65 case study program includes:

  • video introductions
  • historical footage
  • primary sources and images
  • eyewitness accounts
  • time lines
  • historian interviews
  • audio support
  • glossaries
  • digital games
  • biographical dictionaries

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Individual case study subscriptions are available for $5.00 each with the following volume discounts for multiple case studies purchased in a single order for a single user:

Annual Subscription Pricing

  • 8–15 case studies$4.00 each
  • 16–31 case studies$3.00 each
  • 32+ case studies$2.00 each
  • All 65 case studies$99 total

Once you have purchased your subscription to The Idea of AmericaCitizens Edition or individual case studies, you will receive an email with your user ID, a temporary password, and instructions to download the application that allows you to access the program during the subscription license period.